Decorating Pots for Small Terrace

The size of the terrace should not blind us to place life and joy in our terrace through plants. That’s what the defends tooth and nail, and to do so shows us some very original pots that solve space problems in a truly original way.

Because of lack of space is less of a problem if you have good ideas and original designs. And with the innovative solutions offered by the company have one thing and another. The result? Some terraces full of joy and color thanks to our plants and flowers and a potted design that will charm and personality to the space.

The first of these solutions is what we saw in the picture above with pots placed in a peculiar way the railing of the balcony. The pots are called Cavalier, and as we put inside them in the railing of the balcony and the result is most promising.

Because on one hand we gain stability (without placing any other accessory), won by another space on the floor of the terrace, and another win originality and style, thanks to the peculiar shape of these pots placed. A three in one perfect for our deck a very personal space.
Finally add pots that are very light, since they are made ​​with 70% of flax fibers. And the nature of this material also offers resistance to colder temperatures. Many advantages that we provide the Cavalier pots, right?

While speaking of originality, personality and functionality, hanging baskets we see on the top closely followed the Cavalier pots (and I dare say that even exceeded). So special are these totally ecological bandoleers that will serve to place these plants in a whole new way. Because innovation is one of the main characteristics of these hanging baskets.

Made of organic cotton, they are light and easy to transport. They can be hung in almost all types of fencing, and the result can already see it in pictures. They fill your deck freshness and style. The prices we’ve seen different pots vary depending on the type and size of it. But if you want to find a store that circulate in your country you can visit for you to find easy the location of the store that are selling hanging baskets.

Japanese Decorating Ideas

The ancient Japanese culture is increasingly fashionable in the West. I don’t know if it is by the exoticism of its decor or calm that transmits, but is a growing Eastern influence on Western decor. In this article we will try to show you the secrets that keeps Japanese decoration so you can realize your decorating.